Going to study abroad or simply want to practice English?

Powwow helps English students before they study abroad and language learners around the world practice English. If you want to improve your English for study, work, travel or just for fun, Powwow is for you. Speaking & listening are the most important skills needed, especially if you are going to travel or live in another country.

Conversation is Key!

You don’t need a boring old teacher anymore and finding a native speaker to practice your English with, on a regular basis, is difficult.
Studying abroad soon
We have the solution

We have the perfect solution for you.

You just need a "speaking Buddy"! A buddy can help you a lot. If you are going to study in a foreign country, you will be using all your language skills with native speakers, with different accents and personalities. You can have as many speaking buddies as you like and have as many sessions a week as you wish!

Daily Conversations

A Buddy will give you the head start you need. You can have daily conversations and our Buddies are trained to help you answer questions correctly and to keep speaking for as long as possible. They can ask you questions, similar to IELTS questions and help you answer them, through live online video chat.
Daily conversations with a Buddy

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